Sunday, June 7, 2015

Food Parcel Appeal For Syrian Widows and Orphans

The Holy month of Ramadan (Ramazan in Turkey) is fast approaching. According to the Islamic calendar this year  Ramadan will begin on 18th June and end on 17th July. A time of spiritual reflection, Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar and commemorates when the Quran was first shown to the Prophet Mohamed. During this time, Muslims take the opportunity to increase the number of good deeds that they do, while also avoiding anything that may displease Allah. Charity is especially important to Muslims during this month, in order to maximise the reward when they die. 

'LILY' has been handed a dontion of money by a Muslim group in USA to help feed the Syrian refugees. Therefore we are sending a convoy of food parcels on 18th June to the Turkish/Syrian border.
The contents of our food parcels are thoughtfully planned to meet the daily calorific requirements of 6 people, which is the size of an average Syrian family. They help to ensure that needy families receive adequate nutrition for at least a month, supplying them with the staple non-perishable items that they need to cook meals for themselves. Each parcel consists of: Dates, Figs, Flour, Rice, Sugar, Butter, Oil, Pasta, Bulgur wheat, Lentils, tinned fish, tinned tomato puree, Packet Soups, Tea and Seasonings, all purchased locally here in Turkey. We would like to raise more so that we can send food parcels into Syria also, particularly focusing on Widows and orphans.

'How can you feed yourself and your family if you have no money, no resources and, in a culture where the man is the breadwinner, and either missing or killed?'

               With your help together we can make a difference!

 If you could spare a lira (pound, dollar) or two that would b a great help. Please use the donate buttons below.Your donations will go a long way to help keep them alive. 

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